Private – Public Partnership

Governments and public-sector organizations must increasingly provide greater services to the citizens. However, their budgets seldom increase to meet these needs. Partnering with private organizations and companies is the solution for achieving their evolving needs and objectives. These partnering relationships use such business models as joint ventures, privatization, outsourcing, and alliances.

NEMOS can assist to the implementation of projects through Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs).

Our team provides advisory services to governmental bodies and public entities, as well as prefectural administrations and municipalities on PPP projects, ranging from running market research and feasibility studies to project procurement and negotiation support.

Success story: 1st Greek Products Festival in Beijing

The 1st Greek Products Festival in Beijing was completed successfully! NEMOS Business Consultants, in collaboration with AUEB and UIBE, organized a successful event which gave the Greek companies the opportunity to present their products to the Chinese business world.

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