Business Development

NEMOS Group provides management consulting services to companies in both private and public sectors, helping them identify, plan and manage their company’s growth.

Private Sector

NEMOS Group services cover a broad spectrum of the private sector by the elaboration of business and strategy plans. Business development in the private sector includes reviewing, analyzing and bringing clarity to both new and existing business opportunities, customers, markets, products and services.

The group has provided expert advice to private companies in Greece, Cyprus, UK, France, US, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, from the commercial and the industrial sectors, in respect to their organizational management and growth strategy, by analyzing business environments and proposing milestones for their development.

Public Sector

Doing business in the public sector entails a very different set of techniques and responsibilities from business to business. Specific processes, politics and policies all add to the challenge.

NEMOS Group has provided advisory services to public bodies, prefectural administrations and municipalities, forming their strategy and directing their development in ways that guarantee sustainable growth.

Success story: 1st Greek Products Festival in Beijing

The 1st Greek Products Festival in Beijing was completed successfully! NEMOS Business Consultants, in collaboration with AUEB and UIBE, organized a successful event which gave the Greek companies the opportunity to present their products to the Chinese business world.

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